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Having been at the club for over thirty years, John Hammond is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable professionals in the country.

Information about the Professional Golf Shop

Ilkley Professional Golf Shop

His shop is one of the best stocked in the North of England and is open to the public. In it you will find all the top names in clothing and golf equipment and you will receive expert advice on what to buy.

John is also a first class teacher and he and his team are available for lessons for both members and non-members. Everyone is welcome whatever standard. Group coaching is also available.

He can also help you to organise your golf day from suggesting the format and running the competition, through to providing the prizes for the winners.

The hire of trolleys, a single seater buggy and golf clubs may also be arranged with the professional.

Here are some Special Offers on the golf course.

Golf Lessons

Golf lessons can be provided by John or Andrew.
John £25 per half hour
Andrew £20 per half hour
By booking a course of 6 lessons with Andrew, you get 1 free, so 6 for the price of 5.

Andrew also uses video analysis and the latest teaching equipment called the SkyPro.
The SkyPro is quite simply the ultimate training aid, it has the power to dramatically improve your game and make the most of your lessons.

Skypro Features
3D playback of your swing.
View your swing from all angles in real time or in slow motion.
Store and view thousands of swings.
Synchronise and compare two swings.
Built in alerts to help identify swing faults at certain points in the swing.
The SkyPro allows the player to work on swing tempo, shaft lean and angles at address and impact, backswing length, clubhead speed drills, swing path, angle of attack, face rotation and much more.

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